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Massage Services

Massage Services

With a focus on rejuvenation and relaxation, guests are invited to enjoy spa treatments in the privacy of their room. On sunny days, many find a massage on their private deck over the bay to be particularly pleasing. We offer several types of massage, each of which can be customized to suit your particular needs.

Please make massage service requests as soon as possible as treatment times often book well in advance.

Swedish Massage
A perfect prescription for relaxation! This massage technique employs long, flowing strokes and kneading movements to ease muscle aches and pains and enhance your overall feeling of well-being.
60 Minute – $215; 90 Minute – $300; 120 Minute – $385

Couples Massage
Let your cares float away as you indulge in a relaxing massage together. Enjoy a personalized massage experience which combines various massage techniques, such as Swedish, shiatsu, and deep tissue, to suit each partner’s specific areas of need.
60 Minute – $430; 90 Minute – $600; 120 Minute – $770

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage employs firm pressure, focusing on your particular areas of stress, to go deep into muscle tissue and release built-up tension.
60 Minute – $215; 90 Minute – $300; 120 Minute – $385

Pre-Natal Massage
This soothing massage is specially designed to provide relief and relaxation for expectant mothers, promoting improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, and overall well-being.
60 Minute – $215; 90 Minute – $300; 120 Minute – $385

Acupressure / Shiatsu Massage
Restore your energy with this eastern style massage which uses moderate to firm pressure while working on different points to balance the energy flow throughout the body.
60 Minute – $215; 90 Minute – $300; 120 Minute – $385

Treatments are available 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
(outside of these hours $15.00 additional per therapist charge.)  Advance booking is recommended.

Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the treatment time to avoid charge.

Massage charges will be billed directly to your account. Gratuities may be paid either directly to therapist or billed to your account.